The distro has been updated with a bunch of new things and a few key restocks, including the last four copies of the out of print Curmudgeon “Human Ouroboros” 7” EP. It’s all good. Seriously. Go read my descriptions and get ready to buy some shit.

Parasol “Scoot Over” has had tests approved and artwork is getting printed by the venerable Ft Myers Print Corps. This great single should be available early in December.

We are pressing Peeple Watchin’s first LP “Somethin’ To Tell Ya”. This should be available in late December or early January. Pre-orders will be up in December coinciding with a full album stream, and there will be a limited-to-100 version. All proceeds from this release will be going to Black and Pink, an organization that supports queer and transgender people in the prison system. More info on all of this in the coming weeks. For now here’s one track:

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    They’ve now got Potty Mouth 12”s and Parasol + Troubled Sleep 7”s! Check out all their zines too. If you’re still...
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