The only LGBTQ-affirming shelter for homeless youth in Nashville did not receive federal funding because of the sequester. Things are desperate and they have had to turn people away because there is nowhere to put them.

This is a good organization run by good people. LGBTQ people make up 40% of the homeless population; mostly because they have been kicked out of their parental homes. These folks are especially vulnerable to abuse and harassment, both on the streets and in shelters that are supposed to be safe.

Please considering donating, even it is just $5. Put “Just Us” in the comments box to ensure that it goes to the LGBTQ youth programming (they do a lot of rad things at Oasis, including college prep, bike building, free meals, etc). 


Need Couch asap Greater Hartford area. (Ie Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford, New Britan, Middletown ect)


Hi there its Chelsea again just wanna update my situation and say I need a couch as soon as possible, I am in the shelter now and I feel unsafe there because I am getting looked at like I am a object by the other side of the building which houses department of corrections people there and I don’t wanna put up with this anymore. I am 20 trans girl sober only allergy is to cats need help asap.

Signal boosting for folks in CT